For every occasion; reasons to write


“[Letter writing] certainly is an art, because it brings out the best in both the person who creates it and the person who looks at it”-Margaret Shepherd,

“The Art of the Handwritten Note”


Dear YOU,

I hope this crisp October weekend is treating you wonderfully. I have an important question for you: Have you ever bought that 10/10 outfit, brought it home, and then watched it hang in your closet for MONTHS because you didn’t have an occasion to wear it for?? Yeah, me too.

When we get hung up on formalities like “Is this dress too nice for (fill in the blank)?”, this is when creativity gets SQUASHED!

Today we’re talking about said occasions on Purposeful Paper.

Maybe you’re convinced handwritten letters say it better than a run-of-the-mill email. Here’s the next step though–sit down and write it! What is “it”? That’s up to you to decide. Here’s a tip: don’t let your blank stationary sit in your desk drawer the way your 10/10 outfit hung up in your closet for months. Your stationary deserves more than that! And so does your outfit 🙂

The thing of it is, any occasion is a valid occasion to write a letter if it was dreamt up by you. The content of the letter comes second in importance to the simple fact that it was written out of the unique inspiration you felt to pick up the pen.


Ditch the hesitation and the over-thinking and just WRITE! If you can’t think of an “occasion” to write a letter for beyond the classic birthday letter…check out my recently brainstormed list of “reasons to write” below:

Reasons to Write:

  • Encourage: We are meant to encourage; this is well received through a handwritten letter preceding a friend’s upcoming test, idea pitch, or otherwise!
  • Share: Enjoyment is furthered when we share with others our joy; write a friend about a fantastic book you recently read, movie you recently watched, etc.
  • Celebrate: Pay attention to upcoming holidays both big and small; celebrate by sending a friend a themed letter
  • Remember: When you’re reminded of a fun vacation, meal, conversation, etc. that happened in the past, relive the happy time by writing the friend you shared it with. They’ll be happy to share in the reminiscing, and they’ll appreciate you were thinking about them.
  • Anticipate: Do you have a fun trip coming up with family or a friend? Is one of your friends close to a high school or college graduation? Send a series of letters counting down to the big day to amp up the excitement!
  • Invest: Sending someone a handwritten letter is a unique way to pursue an acquaintance, a distant family member, or someone you simply wish to show you’re committed to keeping in touch with them.


Ta ta for now, friends. Catch so many glimpses of those colorful, autumn trees before the leaves fall.


P.S. In the market for some fresh tunes? Find the playlist I listened to while writing this blog here.




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